Teoc Bloodhounds


We are glad you have chosen to visit our website and see our quality breed of bloodhounds. With the Internet people can say anything and be things they are not. This is why we love for people to come to our home and see how our dogs really live.

Our bloodhounds are lovingly bred and cared for by Junior and Tabbatha White in the small community of Teoc, in the beautiful rural “hills” of Carroll County, Mississippi.

Junior and Tabbatha, along with all their friends and family, consider these bloodhounds family. They are treated like children and even pout—talk about SPOILED!!!! Let me say I do not raise bloodhounds for a source of family income. Any monies made goes back into making our babies lives more enjoyable. We don’t have dog houses, we have dog “cottages”. They are heated and air conditioned. They can go in and out through doggy door when they want. Did I say spoiled earlier?!!! :)

Bloodhounds are a very loving breed

They are great with kids. Please remember a bloodhound is not right for everyone. They do shed in the summer (love to be brushed) and tend to drool and sometimes shake their heads sending slobber everywhere. When you look into that face it makes it all worth it though. They are so loving and live for you praising and playing with them.

Ranger 1 1/2 years old

They love the water

They don’t chase after things at the pond but instead love to put their heads in the water and get those ears wet. Did I mention they like to shake their heads and send slobber everywhere?!!! With wet ears it triggers the head shaking. They do bark and let you know someone is around but please do not think they are watch dogs. The only thing they would do is lick a would-be robber to pieces.

they get large

They are so cute and little when they are puppies but remember they want to learn and do everything to please you. So teach them not to jump on people. This is important so they don’t jump on a child (or adult) and knock them down. They are very smart and it’s easy to teach them not to do this—the trick is being consistent. Always praise them highly for keeping 4 feet on the ground, even they are so excited to see you, and they will remember this. The secret is to praise them when they get it right!! We like to give treats, too. Of course they love treats. Our dog’s favorite are Diamond Naturals Peanut Butter dog biscuits and pig ears.