Teoc Bloodhounds



Our sweet dark, liver and tan boy. He is so sweet. He came to us from Carrie at Humble Hills Bloodhounds. He is a Carobs Hard to be Humble x Two Tone Shug boy. His pedigree includes: Boxford’s Trooper Sir Charles, Carob’s Mocha, Brighton’s Top Cop,  Boxford’s Enyo of Granite, Boss Big Bones Luke Brewer, Sugar Plum, Swarner’s Sherlock Hound. These are some very sound lines that have been around for generations. We are striving to improve our line every time we decide to have a litter.

I love all my hounds, but I just have to brag on Cooper a bit. He is the most loving dog EVER. He just loves being part of our family. And he has thrown some of the most amazing puppies ever. He’s got the lips, neck, wrinkles, loose skin, awesome head, hips. He is just our baby!


Our famous Judge is one of our Belle X Cooper boys. He is AMAZING!


This amazing boy comes from Martin Hegr Klivarova in Czech Republic. His Dad is the famous Banana Man. He is going to do great things here at Teoc Bloodhounds.


Maddox is a littermate to Mollie. We were blessed to get this liver boy from Sandrine Giorgi in France. The lines say it all. We are going to mix it up with our own line to have what we hope is the best ever.             

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